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Make: Texas Instruments
Manufacturer P/N : TLC5927IPWPR
Topology: Shift Register
Number of Outputs : 16
Supply Voltage : 3V~ 5.5V
Voltage Output: 17V
Current Output : 120mA
Frequency: 30MHz
Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C (TA)
Mounting Type : Surface Mount
Device Package : 24-HTSSOP


The TLC5927 is designed for LED displays and LED lighting applications with open-load, shorted-load, and over temperature detection, and constant-current control.

The TLC5927 contains a 16-bit shift register and data latches, which convert serial input data into parallel output format. At the TLC592x output stage, 16 regulated-current ports provide uniform and constant current for driving LEDs within a wide range of VF (forward voltage) variations.

TLC5927 is used in systems designed for LED display applications (for example, LED panels), TLC5927 provides great flexibility and device performance. Here users can adjust the output current from 5 mA to 120 mA through an external resistor, which gives flexibility in controlling the light intensity of LEDs.


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