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Make : Mornsun
Manufacturer P/N : SCM3721
Supply Voltage : 3.0V – 5.5V
Level Transition: 3V – 5.5V
Number of Channels: 2
Data Rate: 150kbps
Voltage-Isolation: 3000 Vrms
High Level input Signal VIH: 0.7*Vdd1 – Vdd2
Low Level input Signal VIL: 0 – 0.3*Vdd2
Propagation Delay Time: 3.0 us to 4.5 (@Vdd 5V)
Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 125°C (TA)
Mounting Type : Surface Mount
Device Package : SOIC8


The SCM3721ASA digital isolators by using maturated standard semiconductor CMOS technology and Capacitance pulse isolation technology, these isolation components provide outstanding performance characteristics and reliability superior to alternatives such as optocoupler devices and other integrated isolators.

Capacitance pulse isolation technology is a new generation digital isolator technology . It uses the principle of capacitor voltage divider to transmit voltage signal directly cross the isolator capacitor without signal modulation and demodulation.

The SCM3721ASA isolator data channels are independent and different models have different transmission directions with a withstand voltage rating of 3 kV rms and the data rate from DC up to 150Kbps . The devices operate with the supply voltage on either side ranging from 3.0 V to 5.5 V, providing compatibility with lower voltage systems as well as enabling voltage translation functionality across the isolation barrier. The fail-safe state is available in which the outputs transition to a preset state when the input power supply is not applied.


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