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Make: IK Semicon
Manufacturer P/N : ILX3232D
Protocol: RS232
Supply Voltage : -0.3 ~ 6V
Data Rate: 120 kbps
Mounting Type : Surface Mount
Device Package : 16-SOIC (10 x 4)


The ILX3232 is a 3V powered EIA/TIA-232 and V.28/V.24 communication interface with low power
requirements, high data-rate capabilities. ILX3232 has a proprietary low dropout transmitter output stage providing true RS-232 performance from 3 to 5.5V supplies.

The ILX3232 has two receivers and two drivers. The device is guaranteed to run at data rates of
250Kbps while maintaining RS-232 output levels.

Typical applications are Notebook, Subnotebook and Palmtop Computers, Battery Powered Equipment, Hand-Held Equipment, Peripherals and Printers.


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