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Make: Littelfuse
Part Number: K2200G
Breakover Voltage VBO: 205 to 230V
Breakover Current IBOmax: 10 µA
Holding Current (Ih) max: 150 mA
Current – Peak Output: 1 A
On Stage Voltage: 1.5V
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 125°C (Tj)
Package: DO-15, Axial



The SIDAC is a silicon bilateral voltage triggered switch. Upon application of a voltage exceeding the SIDAC breakover voltage point, the SIDAC switches on through a negative resistance region to a low on-state voltage. Conduction continues until the current is interrupted or drops below the minimum holding current of the device.
SIDACs feature glass-passivated junctions to ensure a rugged and dependable device capable of withstanding
harsh environments.

High voltage power supplies
Natural gas igniters
High-pressure Sodium lamps
Xenon flash ignition.


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