75.00 65.00

Operating Voltage: +5V

Supply Current : 20 mA

Detection Range: 20 cm (Adjustable)

Pins: Vcc, GND, Output (Active High)



Sensor module Information:

  • This sensor works in infrared region of spectrum.
  • The module consists of transmitter, receiver, OpAmp and other few components.
  • IR LED emits the infrared lights which is reflected by the obstacle and reflected light is detected by IR receiver. The reflection is amplified using an inbuilt OpAmp in circuit and hence we get the signal HIGH or LOW.


  • Connect the +5V power supply and ground with Vcc and GND respectively.
  • The OUTPUT need to be connected at desired application point.
  • After turning ON the supply, the output can be checked at output pin according to the obstacle. If the obstacle will be within the range the OUTPUT will be high unless low.


  • Robotic cars for avoidance detection
  • Automatic Sanitizer dispenser
  • Automatic Soap dispenser
  • Thermal imaging


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