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Make                                        : ABP Technology
Manufacturer Part Number: 1202000
Input Voltage Range             : 90 – 264VAC
Input Frequency range         : 47Hz-63Hz
Energy Consumption            : 0.1W@115/230V No load
Output Voltage                       : 12VDC
Output rated current            : 2Amp
Output Range                        : 11.4V-12.6V
Power (Watts)                       : 24W
Efficiency                               : 86%
Protection                              : Over current, Short Circuit
Line Regulation                    : ± 3%
Load Regulation                   : ± 5%
Insulation Resistance          : 50 MΩ
Mounting                               : Wall mount Adaptor
Dimensions                           : 71.5mm X 43.5mm X 29mm
Tested                                     : Vibration, Drop Test
Case Material                        : Black plastic
Regulatory Standards         : ETL1310



This is a SMPS, the power supply provide 24W continuous output power. The power supply shall meet the RoHS requirement. It has wide single phase input voltage range and good line/load regulation.

Rise Time 20mS max. @ Rated load and Fall Time 20mS max. @ Full load.
Output Overshoot / Undershoot 10% max (When the power on or off)
Output Load Transient Response: Output voltage within 11.4V~12.6V for load step from 25% to 50% to 25%,50% to 75% to 50% R/S: 0.25A/uS, Transient Response Recovery Time :200uS, Dynamic response overshoot 5%.

Cable Length : 3 Meters
Pin Size: 5.5 x 2.1mm




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