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Part Name: Formatter Card, Printer Logic Card, Printer Mother Board, Printer Main Board, Main PCB Assembly
Printer Make: Samsung
Printer Type: Laser Printer
Printer Model Number: Samsung ML-2851

Part Uses: Useful for below models of Laser Printer
Samsung ML-2851 Printer
Samsung ML-2851ND Printer
Samsung ML-2851NDR Printer



What is a Laser Printer Logic card / or how a laser printer logic card works?
What is a Laser Printer main board / or how a Laser Printer main board works?
What is a Laser Printer formatter board / or how a Laser Printer formatter board works?

Laser Printer Logic card or main board or formatter board is basically a PCB that controls the overall operations of the printer.

The Engine Board and the Controller Board are in one united board, and it is consisted of CPU part and print part in
functional aspect. The CPU is functioned as the bus control, I/O handling, drivers, and PC interface.

The main board sends the Current Image of Video data to the LSU (Laser Scanning Unit) and manages the conduct of Electrophotography for printing. It is consisted of the circuits of the motor (paper feed, pass) driving, clutch driving, pre-transfer lamp driving, current driving, and fan driving. The signals from the paper feed jam sensor and paper empty sensor are directly inputted to the main board.


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